“Laying the foundation for Open Innovation

Who we are

Here at the Open Innovation Academy, we are true believers in the fact that the world is rapidly changing, especially the world of innovation. Most of the key factors are under pressure: the budget, the time to market and also the connection between inventor, researcher, designer, producer and consumer. How do we turn the ‘value chain’ into a ‘contribution chain’? Do organizations really have all the knowledge and skills in house for every innovation topic? How can external innovation resources be opened up?

The Open Innovation Game™ was first created in 2011 and is inspired by the working model of Holst Centre and the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven-NL; the innovation hubs in The Netherlands. The Open Innovation Academy is a spin-off from Holst Centre and is run by Margot Nijkamp, one of the first Holst pioneers and inventor/creator of the Open Innovation Game™.

  • The game being played at Philips. Photo credit: John A.M. Sandiford

  • The game being played at Philips. Photo credit: John A.M. Sandiford

What we offer

If innovation is a key topic for your region, your organization, your curriculum or your event, we offer you an unforgettable eye-opening experience. All the knowledge we built up around the influences on innovation strategy has come alive in this game setting. We guide you through the process of how to practically implement the theoretical model of open innovation. The game can be played on three different generic application topics, making sure that no specific expertise is needed to play. It’s all about the mindsets and the boundary conditions.

The game can be played in three set-ups: a 2-hour teaser program, a half a day awareness program or a full day masterclass program. For all these programs the game is best played between 16 and 64 people. For educational purposes, the Open Innovation Academy has created a separate package.

Currently available in English, German and Dutch we offer the Open Innovation Game™ throughout Europe. We are actively looking for collaboration partners worldwide to build a connected network of professional open innovators.

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